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Our clients are those Realtors® who are ready to take their personal life and professional life to the next level through personal branding photographs. How do we help you move to the next level? By providing you with the THREE Cs of SUCCESS - Confidence, Clarity and Courage. By working together we develop images that showcase who you are as a unique and powerful person. Part of what makes you a successful Realtor® is being someone who is dedicated to helping people through one of the most stressful events in their life, buying and selling their home.

The three c of succcess


Working with us is a real confidence boost. We work with you before your personal branding photo shoot to learn who you are as a unique person who loves what you do. From that learning we work together to plan locations and outfits that will showcase your best self. Because you play an active role in deciding where and how you will look your photos turn out even better than you expected. As a result, your confidence takes a boost in your new found self. With that confidence you put your clients at ease. You are a little more calm going into difficult negotiations in order to get the best sell price on the listing. You become someone who is more desirable to work with and as a result you find the more clients will come your way. And when you have more confidence you begin to have more clarity.


Because of your new found confidence you mind becomes clearer when deciding how you will interact with your clients. Your new clarity will help you be a better friend, spouse, partner or parent. When you are confident in who you are now, you have clarity in who you can become in the future. And with that clarity you have a new level of courage to go after your vision and dreams.


With more confidence and clarity into who you are as a unique and powerful person you begin to have courage to take on challenges that you previously thought were impossible. With your new personal brand photos out in the world representing a confident you, the courage to go after more clients, to go after the bigger listings, to go after those impossible dreams becomes the new you. With time your new courage will take you to personal and professional success you never thought possible.

Ready to experience the 3 C of success?

need more motivation in your life?

Are You?

Tired of feeling:

- Overwhelmed creating content for social media?
- Invisible because your images match the competition?
- Your DIY attempts are not reflective of your brand?
- Stressed trying to be the creative one?
- Uncertain of what images to create?
- Your image styles are inconsistent across your social media?

Let Us Help You

"I have worked with several photographers over the years, but Spencer really takes the cake."

—Jodi M.

A little bit about me

I've worked with businesses all across the US in various sectors and specialities. I know what great brand photos and business portraits look like. I know the impact the right photos can have on your business. Being a small business owner I understand the importance of finding ways to stand out and tell my story. That is why I want to work with your small business and help you tell your story. Whether we are photographing the people, place, or products of your business they are all part of your story and need to be photographed in way to entice and intrigue your audience to want to do business with you.

Feel free to call or text me at 816.820.5056

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Your first step in real estate branding

Your professional headshot is the first step for those new businesses and brands. Your headshot is a powerful tool to market you and your business. You can use your headshot on your social media profiles, business cards, About Me section on your website and any other place you want people to see you.

Find out what to exepect

"Very easy to work with and had a great vision of how the photographs should look. I highly recommend him."

—Neil S.

"Spencer went out of his way to accommodate my needs, while creating an excellent finished product."

—Erin B.

Personal Branding

The ultimate session for your brand

Personal brand photography is the art of using high-quality images to tell the story of your brand. Using photos to market and advertise your brand not only positions you as an expert in your field but it gives your clients and audience a more authentic brand experience. Professional photography of you can really take your branding to the next level.

Find Out What to Expect

"the professionalism and experience couldn’t have been any better."

—Jessica H.

Real Estate Photos

We are your one-stop-shop

Not only do we offer amazing headshots, portraits, and personal branding photography for real estate agents; but we also photograph your listings! This makes us your one stop shop for all your photography needs.

We offer a 50% discount off your first listing shoot for new Real Estate Agent customers, so use the link below to schedule your listing.

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