Professional Portraits

If you just searched Portraits Near Me you were most likely brought here, which means you're in the right place. I provide professional portraits for business purposes whether you are a business owner, business executive, actor, model or some other working person.

What is a Professional portrait?

A professional portrait is a photo taken by a professional photographer, typically in a stylized environment such as an office space, in a store or shop or against a solid or textured background. A portrait can vary between close-ups to full body with you sometimes being posed in a stylized manner. A portrait is intended to tell a bigger story of who you are and your personality or interest. This can be done by adding props that better showcase an interest or aspect of your life/business. For example, if you are a pianist your portrait would most likely have a piano being used as a staging or prop element to reinforce your tie to playing the piano.

"Very high quality pictures. We were very pleased!"

—Josh H.

How is a Portrait different from a HEADSHOT?

There are a few key differences between a headshot and a portrait. Unlike a headshot, a portrait can be more environmental in the setting such as sitting in a library, at a desk, in your kitchen, garage, or any space that helps tell the story of who you are. Portraits can also provide more visual room around the person and could be full length of the person. Portrait can be more intensive for the photographer and crew to light and prep. Depending on a few factors a portrait session can be super quick or take a few hours to shoot. Portraits are also usually viewed as artwork and can be hung in your home or office. Given these variables portraits are typically a step up over headshots.

What are some examples of a professional Portrait?

Use the link below to jump over to our gallery page to view some examples of professional portraits.

Why do you need a professional Portrait?

Professional portraits are for those who are ready to elevate their professional headshot. A professional portrait takes the image of you to another level with more personalized lighting, setting, props and so forth. A professional portrait can help further tell the story of you and even your business. Plus, your family will appreciate having a high-quality, long lasting portrait that they can use to remember you. For some, portraits become a family heirloom.

Where would you use a professional Portrait?

There are many places in today's digital world where you could and should use a professional portrait, including:

  • Social Media Profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)
  • Blog
  • Website
  • Billboard Ad
  • Marketing Materials
  • Printed and on display in your office, workspace or home
  • On display at your parents house (We all know how proud they are)
  • Obituary (Worst Case Scenario)

"I was so impressed with his professional attributes."

—Meredith H.

What is the Portrait experience like?

To learn more about what to expect before, during and after your professional portrait session use the link below to jump over to the 'What to Expect' page.

How much does it cost for professional Portraits?

The standard session fee is only $350. I offer an extended session plus, printed copies along with a few other add-ons. Use the link below to jump over to the 'Pricing' page.

Have more questions?

That's totally fine if you have more questions. There is a link below to the Portrait FAQs. You can also use the form on my contact page to send me an email. If neither of those options suit you, you are welcome to pick up the phone and call my cell phone at 816.820.5056.

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—Mysti Z.

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